Our Assortment

Bottle- biotopes unicates, hand made in Leipzig.

Glas, Schmuck und Objekte von Molde Glas

Oliven, Olivenöl, Feigen von Christian

Textiles for children, seat cussions, individual, sewn in Leipzig.

Wines chosen from a lover.

Name scripts made of wire.

Sculptures / Frescos, wooden made unicates, large-size, from Leipzig.

Records partly from own collection, used, good condition, partly new.

Post cards hand made, unique, upcycling, from Leipzig.

Stickers, Collages, Wonder Bags und Drawings Atelier Westwerk, Leipzig.

DenkDateMag First Edition (limited collectors edition of magazin of Johannes Klauke and sHanLi, Leipzig.

THE GIFTDas Geschenk Latest belletristic book von sHanLi.

Design Tables, Lamps, unicates made in Leipzig.